RL Fitzpatrick Art


Abstract Oil & Cold Wax

Sold Rubber Stamp Vector

Landscape Inspired

Sold Rubber Stamp Vector
Sold Rubber Stamp Vector
Sold Rubber Stamp Vector
Sold Rubber Stamp Vector

Original Art Cards


Acrylic Painting On Paper

I love painting on paper. It feels more liberating than more cumbersome substates. It is also easier to store and ship, making it more affordable. Each card is hand cut and scored for folding.


Folded Cards with Envelopes

Original hand-painted cards invite intimate and personal messages that are heart warming keepsakes. Each card is one-of-a-kind that make someone feel special.


Hang In Standard Frames

These original art cards can be easily framed in affordable standard frames or custom framed at your local frame shop. They can be collected and hung individually or as a gallery wall display.

Send A Gift

Buying art for another person can be challenging. Why not send a gift card to introduce someone to the art and include a gift certificate for their own use?

RL Fitzpatrick ART




More About Me

After more than 40 years as an artist working in every genre, my current work is abstract acrylic or oil & cold wax on paper.

There are landscape elements in much of my work--especially the horizontal line that reflects a prairie landscape influence. However, my practice is to respond intuitively to mark-making with a more planned color pallet.

Creativity is a mystery and a spiritual practice. It requires an examination of the inner life. There are no sensors in a creative life. Sometimes unpopular things need to be examined in an attempt to learn what is truthful and real.

Art — like life is messy and time consuming. Ideas need time to incubate and change needs to be understood and accepted. As much effort goes into the preparation, cleanup, recording and marketing as the actual painting. Every stage is done with devoted attention. Art making is a more about process than outcome. It's purpose is to initiate introspection and contemplation.